100 + Top Tips For Setting Up Your Own Business

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Authors: Ian Munro & Jacqueline Griffith

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This book has been written for those who are planning to set up their own business.

The book will help YOU in the following ways:

  1. Helping you to set up a business from a legal structure point of view
  2. Understanding how a business works and avoiding the main pitfalls.
  3. Giving you guidance about generating sales, fulfilling orders and controlling finances
  4. Learning how to provide the high level of customer service which is a pre-requisite in today’s marketplace
  5. Recruiting staff/contractors, keeping records for the tax man and you!

Written in a “snappy” bullet point style allows you to find key answers right away.

You are likely to be one of four types of people (in no particular order);

  1. You have a great idea for your business but do not know where to start.
  2. You have already set up a business but are not making the progress you expected. How can you improve?
  3. A voluntary sector manager who wants to improve the potential for raising funds or even improve operational effectiveness by using the methods and approach outlined in this book.
  4. You have recently retired – or are planning retirement – and would like to set up a small business a) to keep you interested and active and b) to bring in an additional income stream.

The Authors:


Ian Munro

Ian Munro has been helping people set up businesses and businesses going through periods of sustained growth for over 20 years. He works as an operating and main board director, as a non-executive director and as a consultant, coach and mentor. His clients are in the private and public sectors. An ongoing feature of his work is improving leadership performance across all levels in organisations. Today he continues to hold several directorships.

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Jacqueline Griffith

Jacqueline has been coaching new entrepreneurs from business
set up to developing successful businesses for over 15 years.
Adopting a motivational style to encourage people to believe in
their ability to start their own business. Her corporate background
is in Director level and General Manager roles encompassing sales,
operations and logistics within market leading organisations.

100 + Top Tips For Setting Up Your Own Business


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