100 + Top Tips For Setting Up And Running An Online Business

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Author: Nick Morgan

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This book has been written for the Small Medium Enterprise together with smaller Voluntary Organisations.

The book will help YOU in the following ways:

  • Helping you to set up an online business
  • Understanding how an online business works and how to avoid the pit falls
  • Giving you guidance about generating sales, fulfilling orders and controlling finances
  • Learning how to work with organisations such as Amazon and eBay
  • How to provide the high level of customer service which is a pre-requisite in today’s online marketplace

This book has been written in a “snappy” bullet point style allowing you to find the answers right away.

You are likely to be one of four types of people (in no particular order):

  • An owner/manager who has an established business but now wants to create an online revenue stream
  • A voluntary sector manager operating at national, regional or local level who wants to set up or improve the potential for raising funds through online activities
  • You may have a great idea for a home based business but do not know how to set up the online side of things
  • You have been “dabbling” with an existing online presence but feel you need some guidance and support to make your business more effective

The Author:

Nick Morgan

Nick Morgan worked in various senior Purchasing, Sales and Customer Service roles with BP where he learned the “tricks of the trade” around developing and maintaining good supplier and customer relationships. He decided to have a career change and set up an online business based on the travel gadgets and accessories product market.

Now four years into this venture, Nick has learned how the online business works the hard way. He has his own ecommerce store and has successfully opened shops on behalf of Amazon in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. He also has an online shop on eBay and overall has met and dealt with all the challenges that most people will face setting up an online venture.


ISBN 9780993465802