100 + Top Tips For Effectively Using Online Social Media

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Authors: Maggie Davies & Sue Smith

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This book has been written for the Small/Medium Enterprise together with Voluntary organisations. Equally you may just be someone who want to understand how Social Media and Networking actually works.

  • Identify how Social Media can help your organisation
  • Choose the right tools/sites and media for you
  • Get up and running on your chosen sites
  • Create great Social Media content
  • Help your users/customers find you and enhance your reputation
  • Understand the pitfalls
  • Promote yourself and your organisation professionally
  • Launch yourself successfully

This book has been written in a “snappy” bullet point style allowing you to find the answers right away.

You are likely to be one of four types of people (in no particular order);

  • An owner/manager who has an established business but now wants to create a professional presence through Social Media and Networking
  • A voluntary sector manager who wants to set up or improve the potential for raising funds through Social Media and Networking.
  • You may have a great idea for a home based business but do not know how to set up and use Social Media
  • You have been “dabbling” with Social Media and Networking but feel you need some guidance and support to make your efforts more effective

The Authors:

Maggie Davies

Maggie Davies has extensive expertise as a business coach. She utilises her know how of digital management, social media and creating an internet presence to create strong effective business brands. Maggie helps setting up businesses from scratch from initial set up, creating business plans and marketing strategies.

Sue Smith

Sue Smith has worked at a strategic level for a number of years in both operational and leadership roles as a consultant, coach and mentor. She has worked across a wide range of business sectors for blue chip organizations, SMEs and the Public Sector. More recently Sue has specialised in supporting people and businesses to understand how to effectively use LinkedIn.


ISBN 9780993465826