100 + Top Tips For Effective Sales Management

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Author: Dr Tamara Howard

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This book will help YOU in the following ways:

  • Take control of your sales process
  • Identify the skills and experience necessary to select and/or develop a top sales manager
  • Position the sales management role to drive improved revenue and profit
  • Understand how the ‘rest of the business’ can help in the sales effort
  • Position your service or offering optimally in the market
  • Select the best sales approach(s) for your business
  • Understand how best to price and discount
  • Gain insights into how to motivate and incentivize sales staff
  • Plan activities to optimise budget and resources during a sales year

You are likely to be one of four types of people (in no particular order):

  • An aspiring sales manager who wants to position him/herself for the sales manager role
  • An existing sales manager who wants to understand what other businesses do in order to improve his/her own department
  • A business executive looking to employ or promote someone for the sales management role
  • A business owner who would like to gain a better understanding about sales management

The Author:

Dr Tamara Howard

Dr Tamara Howard is a rare hybrid – having worked and lived in both the US and Europe, and been employed by both small start-ups and large multi-national businesses. Tamara has always worked in a business development role, both face to face with customers as well as in senior management positions. She gained her ‘hands on’ experience in the early biotech arena and then moved onto IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation, PA Management Consultancy and Cap Gemini.

She now uses this expertise to advise and coach both large and small organisations on how to increase sales revenues as well as how to adjust business strategies and implement organisational change.

Educated at Harvard University, in Cambridge USA and gaining a PhD at The Sackler School of Biomedical Sciences, Tufts University, Boston, USA. Tamara she has lived and worked in Europe for more than 30 years, spending much of her European career based in the UK.

Tamara is now a Director and co-owner of Verve Consulting Ltd. She is the author of Who’s Paying for Lunch? – a definitive sales manual aimed at increasing sales in small and medium businesses. She can be reached at: tamara.howard@100toptips.com


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